Proeverijen, festivals, excursies 

en genieten van Limburgse wijnen en streekgerechten


Wine Experience

Discover and enjoy Limburg wines by visiting one of the existing vineyards. 

Go to the Vineyard-page and select a vineyard you would like to experience.

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Hikingtrail "Natuurmonumenten"

Explore the cross-border nature reserve on a fascinating 10-kilometer circular walk along various vineyards.

Keep an eye on the red arrows while walking.

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Wine tasting

Every 1st Friday of the month, "the Limburg wine farmer" organizes a tasting of Limburg wines in Maastricht.

We also organize on request a "sommelier" evening of Limburg wines at your home or office.

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wine festival

"The Dutch wine" organizes a wine festival in Maastricht with only Limburg wines.

Dozens of wines from more than 10 vineyards will present themselves.

Keep an eye on this site for dates and locations.

Limburg Wine Trailrun Tours

Wine, sport and experience come together at Val di Vini. Patrick Franken takes you running through the Limburg wine world. Join us on a Limburg Wine Trailrun Tour!

Lidy's winelist

The Caravino is a mobile wine bar , to open and drink a bottle of wine at any time and at any location. A pop-up bar that you can hire with Lidy for substantive tastings with groups.


Els Groot is the right place for active wine tours, excursions and tastings. Visit the special vineyards and winegrowers in your own country on foot.


Wines with Esther

Wijntjes met Esther gives an overview of wine festivals in Nederlans and information about a wine tour through Limburg

There are now 5 Dutch wines with a protected designation of origin (PDO), these are Maasvallei Limburg, Mergelland, Oolde and Vijlen.



City Chimp is an inline city guide and provides an overview of drinking and eating in the city of Maastricht

Wine food Maastricht

Discover the best restaurants in the city on a Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy a carefully selected wine-food combination in every restaurant. You walk the route along the restaurants with your own company and at your own pace.


Tasting Limburg wine in the center of Maastricht and learning more about the background of Limburg we? Maurice guides you through parts of Maastricht and visits places that are important to Maastricht's wine culture.

Walking events

van Paridon

This "Wine Route" cycle route of "Visit Zuid Limburg" takes you straight through the Limburg
hills past well-known vineyards between Valkenburg and Ubachsberg and back again via
Klimmen and Schimmert.

Friends of

Limburg wine

As a member of 'Friends of Limburg wine' you are entitled to all kinds of privileges: from guided tours, to tastings and discounts.


The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is the largest provider of wine qualifications worldwide,



SDEN wine exams are available at five different levels. SDEN level 1 to 5), from beginner to Magister Vini (SDEN level 5) for wine knowledge at the highest professional level.


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